Commit 063d77a8 authored by Leigh Stoller's avatar Leigh Stoller

Get rid of unifi and install telegraf.

parent 877250fd
......@@ -90,15 +90,17 @@ sub Install($$$)
if (0) {
Phase "unifi5", "Installing unifi5 package", sub {
DoneIfPackageInstalled("unifi", 0);
# Install and localize the telegraf configuration.
Phase "telegraf", "Installing telegraf package", sub {
DoneIfPackageInstalled("telegraf", 0);
# Oh, this is clever.
ExecQuietFatal("pkg install unifi5");
ExecQuietFatal("pkg install telegraf");
# These are handy.
Phase "fstab", "Adding extras to $FSTAB", sub {
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