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    Finish up "support" for ssh-mime (ssh to node) on Mac OSX. · 5f5a1ca8
    Leigh Stoller authored
    Rather then use Tim's code (which requires that I learn about creating
    packages on the Mac), I hacked up a little AppleScript widget. Sorta
    goes like this:
    * Copy ssh-mime.pl to your ~/bin directory on your Mac.
    * mkdir ~/Library/Scripts/Folder\ Action\ Scripts
    * Copy ssh-mime.scpt to the above directory.
    * Start up Firefox and go into the Preferences->Downloads menu to figure
      out where files are being saved (typically ~/Desktop).
    * Go into the Finder and find that folder. Right Click on that folder.
      (If you do not have a 3 button external mouse for your Mac like I do,
      then you select the folder, and do Control-Click).
    * You will see an option to "Attach Folder Action" in the menu. Select
      that option.
    * A finder file chooser pops up. Go to your
            ~/Library/Scripts/Folder\ Action\ Scripts
      and choose the ssh-mime.scpt entry.
    Okay, so how does this work? The AppleScript ssh-mime.scpt file is now going
    to be run whenever a file is downloaded (copied) into your firefox downloads
    directory. The script will look at the name of the file and if it ends
    in .tbssh, it will invoke ssh-mime.pl on it. Yep, its a hack, but its a lot
    easier then learning the Xcode development environment!