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    Bug fix for a rare case; when a lan of virtual interfaces is · 2df9e0f7
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    constructed it is possible that assign will place the "lannode" on one
    node and all the other interfaces on another node (trivial lan). This
    is dealt with by the "virtpatch" code, that according to the comments,
    "only Rob and Leigh understand." Wish that were true! Anyway, when
    this happens, NewVirtIface never gets called with an underlying
    physical interface (which signals it to set the current_speed on the
    interface), so the current_speed is left at zero. Not good. So, in
    PatchVirts (which installs the vinterfaces for that lannode), also set
    the current_speed on the underlying phys interface.
    This stuff is totally bizarre, certain to break some other special
    case of the hundreds of special case in assign_wrapper.
    Oh, the code was easy, but testing it was a pain since assign is so
    random; it only rarely splits the lan up in the above manner.
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