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    Some power-by-mail hacking:
      - Bump the timeout for waiting for the operators to flip the switch
        to 20 minutes.
      - Fail fast if the node is in hwdown.  This case is intended to make
        an os_load fail for a robot-mounted mote whose robot is in hwdown.
      - Fail if the robotlab is not open since noone is around to do
        anything about it anyways.
      - Assume success if the event state for a node was updated
        "recently."  This is a fall back in case the powertime web page
        isn't used to notify the system that the node was powered
        on/cycled.  Also, do not send the SHUTDOWN event in this case.
      - Add a TBNodeEventStateUpdated() function to libdb.pm that returns
        true if the eventstate for a node was updated within N seconds
        from the current time.
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