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    Some virtual node support. In order to distinguish what virtual node · c2d82df7
    Leigh Stoller authored
    (on the physical node the tmcd request is coming from) look for a
    VNODE= tag in the request (similar in operation to VERSION=). If there
    is a vnode tag, then check for that mapping (in the nodes table). The
    vnode must map to the physical node making the request (in iptonodeid()).
    If so, replace the nodeid with the vnodeid for the remainder of the
    session. Currently no permission checking, so a vnode could ask for
    another vnode's account data (on the same physical node of course). At
    some point we need to either generate per vnode certs (perhaps on the
    fly) or just cons of a secret key and pass it over. Not going to worry
    about it for now, since the only people who will be allowed to
    allocate virtual nodes are trusted anyway.
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