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    Merge imagezip ext4 code into extfs code · b8d79ac6
    Ryan Jackson authored
    Merge the ext4 support for imagezip into the extfs code.  There's no
    real reason to keep it separate, since ext4 is backward-compatible
    with ext3 and ext2.
    All of the macro definitions in extfs.c were changed from EXT2_* or
    EXT3_* to EXT4_*.  The primary reason for this is that while ext4 is
    backward compatible, the data structures have been extended and some
    of the definitions needed to change to handle them.  Some things that
    were constant before (block group descriptor sizes, for example) are
    now dynamic and must be calculated from other fields in the
    Since imagezip and frisbee don't support 64-bit block numbers, ext4
    filesystems that are larger than 2 TB (assuming 512-byte sectors) are
    not supported.  These can be detected by examining the
    feature_incompat field of the superblock.  Imagezip will fail if the
    user tries to compress one of these filesystems.
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