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    - Added tbreport database schema (added three tables), storage for · 9c5d3308
    Kevin Atkinson authored
      tbreport errors & context.
    - Modified fatal() in swapexp, batchexp, and tbprerun, and die_noretry()
      in os_setup to pass hash parameter to tblog functions.
    - Added tbreport errror & context information for select errors in
      swapexp, tbswap, assign_wrapper2, snmpit_lib, snmpit, batchexp,
      assign_wrapper, os_setup, parse-ns, & tbprerun.
    - Added assign error parser in assign_wrapper2.
    - Added parse.tcl error parser in parse-ns.
    - Added severity constants for tbreport in libtblog_simple.
    - Added tbreport() function & context table mappging for reporting
      discrete error types to libtblog.
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