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    Server: back to using a condvar since they seem to be fixed. · 2e77122f
    Mike Hibler authored
    Server: make file readsize independent of burstsize (previously
    readsize had to be a divisor of burstsize).  A subtle side-effect
    is that the dynamic burst rate is recalcluated at the conslusion
    of every burst instead of after every readsize count of blocks has
    been sent (less than a burst)  This just seems to be more logical.
    Client: add "-T DOS-type" option to tell frisbee, when in slice
    mode, to set the type of the slice in the DOS partition table.
    This is useful if you are dropping say a BSD filesystem into
    an unused slice, you don't have to go back later and set this
    with fdisk.  Considered making this info part of the image
    itself (recorded by imagezip when creating a slice image),
    but decided against it.
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