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    1. Better control net detection. · ff2335dd
    Mike Hibler authored
       No longer rely on looking at kernel boot time messages and extracting
       a hardware signature to determine the nodetype to then determine the
       control net.  Now we just DHCP on all interfaces and decree that the
       interface that answers is our control net interface.
       An extraordinary number of sleezy tricks were needed to get FBSD4,
       FBSD5, and RHL to DHCP on all interfaces without changing any standard
       For now, the nodetype/cpuspeed/chipset scripts still exist for the
       benefit of healthd, which uses the output of nodetype to determine
       what kernel module to load.  We should fix this.
       Side-effect: pump, the old RHL DHCP client, is history!  For older
       RHL releases, you will need a version of dhclient.
       Side-effect: in Linux, all non-control net interfaces are left up
       but without a legit IP address.  This is a consequence of dhclient.
       In FBSD, it was trivial to clean this up, RHL will take a little
       more work.  Up or down, it shouldn't matter.
    2. Add an mfs-install make target, a scaled-down version of the client
       install.  Added a mandatory DESTDIR check so you don't accidentally
       install in the wrong place on boss.
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