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    Some very basic infrastructure for generalized tools was added. · 639758e6
    Dan Gebhardt authored
    Some parts very "hacky", lots of XXX / TODOs.
    BARELY tested!!!! Don't use on the production system yet.
    Need to verify that things didn't break, especially with the automanager,
    the bgmon.pl "outage detection stuff", etc...
    See code's todos and also the file
    At this point:
     - mangerclient & automanagerclient did not change.
     - The manager, when a probe request is received, looks at the DB table
       "tool_spec" to retrieve the proper wrapperpath, formal parameter list, etc..
     - The manager assembles a message and sends it out to the appropriate
       path probers, which operate on the request as they have been
       (no major internal changes to the path probers).
     - The path probers call the toolwrapper to run the tests
     - The toolwrappers return a canonical result for that type of metric.
     - The path probers send the result and the actual parameters used by the
       tool to the data collector.
     - The data collector uses the toolname and actual parameters to get an
       idx number. This idx is stored in the "measured_by" field of this
       measurement's entry in the "pair_data" table.
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