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    New program to generate /etc/hosts on the remote node using an input · b6c3a192
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    file derived from the topomap file (see initial log file gentopofile).
    Actually, none of the code in this program is new; I just copied out
    the guts of dohostnames() from tmcd, and replaced the DB queries with
    reads from stdin to get exactly the same data. The idea is that
    rc.hostnames on the node will generate the input from the topomap,
    feed that into genhostsfile, and feef the output of that into the same
    parsing code that is used to red the results from tmcd.
    There are also two utility scripts that I used for testing:
    	genfromdb pid eid | genhostsfile nodeid
    	cat topomap | genfromtopo | genhostsfile nodeid
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