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    Updated canaryd, ended up starting fresh and pulling things in, rather · 62b5e3a8
    Timothy Stack authored
    than jamming more stuff into the old one.  Most of the code came from
    the previous version of canaryd, the cpu broker (process accounting),
    and the janosvm (network interface accounting).  Its missing some
    features of the old one, but those can be incorporated without too
    much trouble.
      Designed to permanently run on the pnodes:  it waits for START events
        before it begins recording.  However, I haven't done the work
        necessary to have it always startup on the pnodes.
      No more exec'ing: process stuff is taken from "/proc", and network
        interface stats are pulled from getifaddrs(3).
      Fixed some minor bugs: A typo caused the real-time priority to not
        be set, use setitimer instead of sleep to get more accurate
        spacing between samples.
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