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    Use the registry to set speed/duplex under Win7. Back out linktest change. · 4b0232e1
    Kirk Webb authored
    Though the broadcom tool was easy enough to setup and use under Windows,
    getting the Intel counterpart to work was an epic fail.  Instead, go after
    the registry directly.  There is some semblance of standardization there,
    even though no command line tool exists for tweaking these setttings.
    Back out the code that set speed/duplex using the broadcom tool since it
    is no longer needed.  This will be much better for remote sites and porting
    to other hardware in general.  Hopefully other vendors follow suit and use
    the same registry settings that Intel and Broadcom do.  Also modified the
    interface setup code to delay enabling the interface until after the speed
    and duplex settings are poked into the registry so that the driver will pick
    them up immediately, w/o requiring a reboot.
    Since setting the speed/duplex correctly solves prior issues I saw with
    linktest bandwidth tests, back those hacks out.
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