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    Move setting the node permission table for a project from the web · 4931fecf
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    interface to the backend. mkproj now looks at the pcremote_ok set
    and makes the proper calls to grantnodetype. This reduces the amount
    of hardwired goo in the web interface.
    Still, there is a bit of hardwired stuff in mkproj. At present we do
    not form a relationship between a phys node type and the types we
    assign to the virtual nodes. Thats is, nothing says that a pcplabphys
    implies the right to use pcplabinet, etc. With only 3 remote phys
    types, I just hardwired it into mkproj calling grantnodetype with type
    pcplab (the class for the virtnodes) for pcplabphys. Same for pcron
    and pcwa, (both get pcvwa). Ultimately we need a better type system.
    In general the type system is pretty screwy.
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