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    Timothy Stack authored
    Mote and robot related stuff.  The main thing is the addition of relay
    capabilities to capture and related things.
    	* Add the capture and tip subdirectories to the
    	client and client-install targets.
    	* configure,, Detect srandomdev() for
    	capture and add "mote/newmote" script.
    	* capture/, capture/capture.c: Add "relay"
    	capabilities to capture.
    	* capture/capquery.c: Query the capserver for the relay receiver's
    	port number.
    	* capture/capserver.c: Small hack to return the port number
            for a node.
    	* db/, db/ Add virt_tiptunnels table.
    	* event/program-agent/program-agent.c: Change log file names to
    	something a little more user-friendly.  Add a "MODIFY" event
    	handler that lets the user set agent attributes (command, tag,
    	timeout) without having to run a program.
    	* event/sched/, event/sched/,
    	event/sched/console-agent.h, event/sched/event-sched.c: Add
    	console agents that can be used to snapshot a section of the
    	capture log file.
    	* event/sched/ Some minor cleanup.
    	* event/sched/, event/sched/simulator-agent.h:
    	Add the config data to the report mail.  Add a "RESET" event
    	handler that runs "loghole clean".  Save the report mail in a file
    	so it gets archived with the rest of the logs.
    	* lib/libtb/tbdefs.h: Add CONSOLE object type.
    	* mote/, mote/newmote: Add newmote script, just a
    	quick hack to add motes to the DB.
    	* mote/ Add another backend for loading motes through
    	their relay capture server.
    	* robots/mtp/mtp_dump.c: Dump the min/max values for x and y,
    	handy for figuring out the bounds of the camera.
    	* sql/database-fill.sql: Change the RELOAD-MOTE/SHUTDOWN ->
    	ALWAYSUP/SHUTDOWN mode transition to ALWAYSUP/ISUP since stated
    	doesn't seem to run triggers after a state change by a mode
    	* tbsetup/ Change the ordering of the eventlist so it
    	displays event-sequences appropriately.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/, tbsetup/ns2ir/console.tcl,
    	tbsetup/ns2ir/node.tcl, tbsetup/ns2ir/,
    	tbsetup/ns2ir/ Add a "console" agent that represents
    	the serial console for a node.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/sequence.tcl: Add an "append" method so it is
    	easier to build sequences dynamically.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/topography.tcl: Make checkdest available to
    	regular users.
    	* tip/, tip/tiptunnel.c: Add support for uploading a
    	file to a relay version of capture and exporting the end
    	connection as a pty.
    	* tmcd/decls.h, tmcd/common/ Bump version number since
    	the dosubnodelist change is not backwards compatible.
    	* tmcd/tmcd.c: Make dosubnodelist and dosubconfig callable even
    	when a node isn't allocated.  Add dotiptunnels command that
    	returns which serial consoles are to be mounted on a node.  Add
    	mote version of subconfig that returns information needed to
    	startup the relay version of capture.
    	* tmcd/common/bootsubnodes: For motes, startup the relay version
    	of capture (XXX stargate specific).
    	* tmcd/common/, tmcd/common/,
    	tmcd/common/config/rc.config, tmcd/common/config/rc.tiptunnels:
    	Client side changes for mounting another nodes serial line.
    	* tmcd/common/rc.bootsetup: Always boot the subnodes, even when
    	free.  This is used for motes since their capture needs to be up
    	for reloading at the time.
    	* tmcd/linux/ixpboot: Shuffle some code around so the script
    	doesn't fail if the ixp isn't allocated.
    	* utils/ Add "digest.out" and "report.mail" as global
    	logs to be saved in archives and display the "report.mail" file
    	when showing a loghole archive.
    	* xmlrpc/ Scrub more of the return values to
    	get rid of "None"s.
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