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    Add machinery to automatically setup mrouted on the control network. · 3ba294d9
    Mike Hibler authored
    This is specifically intended for elabinelab right now where configurations
    with an "inner control network" need a multicast router for inner frisbee
    to work. There is (an undocumented) NEEDMROUTED defs variable that controls
    whether the machinery is triggered or not. It is not documented because, though
    in theory this would work for a real boss setup, it has not been tested and
    each install would probably need a custom mrouted.conf file.
    For an inner elab, this variable is automatically set in defs-elabinelab
    if there is an inner control network. The result is that the mrouted port
    will be installed, it will be enabled in rc.conf, and a stub mrouted.conf
    file is created (to force mrouted to ignore the real control network).
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