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    Working on issue #269 ... · ad2a3e70
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    Add new script to "deprecate" images:
    	boss> wap deprecate_image
    	Usage: deprecate_image [-e|-w] <image> [warning message to users]
    	       -e     Use of image is an error; default is warning
    	       -w     Use of image is a warning
    When an image is deprecated with just warnings, new classic experiments
    generate warnings in the output. Swapping in an experiment also
    generates warnings in the output, but also sends email to the user.
    When the image set for error, both new experiment and swapin will fail
    with prejudice.
    Same deal on the Geni path; we generate warnings/errors and send email.
    Errors are reflected back in the Portal interface.
    At the moment the image server knows nothing about deprecated images, so
    the Portal constraint checker will not be bothered nor tell the user
    until later when the cluster throws an error. As a result, when we
    deprecate an image, we need to do it on all clusters. Needs to think
    about this a bit more.
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