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    sshhttp.py provides a means of speaking XMLRPC over HTTP using python file · d866d501
    David Johnson authored
    objects, not sockets.  The reason for doing this is because I expected to
    be talking to the new PLC4-era NM over an ssh tunnel, which would only
    allow me to talk to the NM over stdin/stdout (i.e., no ssh socket tunnels
    because there's only a pseudo shell on the NM side that proxies
    stdin/stdout to the NM).
    I was trying not to have to reimplement the whole httplib, so I overrode
    the bits that can't stand to use anything but a socket.  Lots of those.
    Anyway, seems to work... so anytime you need to talk XMLRPC over HTTP but
    not over a socket, this will work for you.  You'll just want to write your
    own "real transport" method ... I only wrote one that popens a command.
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