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    A number of changes: · 931930ae
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Put in debugging timestamps to figure out why so slow.
    * Cleanup, fixing bad identing, bad style, bad comments, etc.
    * Restructure so that instead of locking three tables (nodes,
      reserved, and node_activity), we just need to lock the reserved
      table, by moving the node existence check to before the main loop,
      and the node_activity update to after we unlock tables. Not locking
      the nodes table results in less serialization and less waiting for
      the lock to be granted.
    * XXX: Check each node for an entry in tiplines table; Do not call
      into console_setup.in if none of the nodes have tiplines. This is
      not a very clean thing to do of course, but it saves up to half the
      time it takes to do an nalloc cause of the min startup time for our
      perl scripts (almost 1/2 a second). When allocating virtnodes on a
      physnode, no reason to even call console_setup.in.
    Bottom line? Well, not as good as one would like ... time to allocate
    10 vnodes on a pnode goes from .8 seconds to .4 seconds ...
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