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# Copyright (c) 2004 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
# All rights reserved.

This is the documentation for the Python API to the event system...

The Python version of the API is related to the Perl version in that
they both use the same SWIG infrastructure.  The difference is in the
presentations, where the Perl API is basically the same as the C
version, the Python API provides a couple of wrapper classes to make
things easier.


The classes are contained in the "tbevent" module, currently, there
are two that are of any consequence.  A brief overview of the classes
follows, consult the tbevent.py.tail source for more information.

  EventClient - The base class for event system clients.  Subscribers
    should create a subclass and override the "handle_event" method to
    process incoming events.  Publishers do not need to create a
    subclass, the base class already provides the necessary

  NotificationWrapper - A wrapper for event_notification structures,
    contains common setter and getter methods for accessing the


See the tbsend.py and tbrecv.py files in the examples directory.