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* Add DB connect as authorized user so we can track whats going in
  the DB log files.
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Leigh Stoller committed

* Add password hint for the clueless users who forget their passwords.
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* Put a limit on the number of new users/projects that can be
  unapproved (to prevent DOS attacks on the database).

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Leigh Stoller committed
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* Decouple root privs from begin experiment privs, as per Jay
  request. Default on for begin experiment, default off for root.

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* Add verification for when the user wants to change the email address
  through user mod page, to ensure the email is valid.

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* Minor bells and whistles and formatting changes. Or maybe I mean fancy
  things up a tiny bit. I tend to be a minimalist (my favorite example is
  the google search page compared to the Lycos or netscape page), but my
  stuff is probably too minimal.

* More linking of information in the forms. There are some obvious places
  where stuff should be presented as hypertext links so that navigation is

* Backup links in all the pages.

* Admin page to remove an experiment.

* Edit project information page.
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* Fix case sensitivity problems in project, user, and experiment names.
  That is, anyplace a user *types* in a username, project name, or an
  experiment name, downcase it. Mac was going to do this, but I don't know
  if he got to it. 

* Lastly, macrofy the entire thing and get rid the damn frames! I hate

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* Maybe add VLAN info to the experiment info page.