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These example programs show how to do various things with Trousers and
libtpm.  The only important ones are these:

	idkey.c		- Goes through the trouble of creating an
			identity key - this process is fairly complex
			under normal circumstances but in our
			environment it is much simpler.  This is why we
			are able to skip all the Privacy CA stuff.

	doquote.c	- This is a helper program that we use inside
			the TPM MFS; it was made to be used in scripts
			with tmcc.  It will take the output from TMCD
			'quoteprep' command, do the proper quote, and
			then write the output back out so it can be
			piped right back to tmcc for the 'nextstate'
			command.  See the usage for more details.

	loadkey.c	- This demonstrates how to load an encrypted
			identity key blob and make a quote with it.  It
			also has some bonus code that shows how to parse
			the quote.

	ltpmloadkey.c	- This also loads an identity key (but it uses
			libtpm, unlike all other code here), generates a
			quote with the identity key, parses it, and
			verifies it.  This is fairly valuable because
			there is/was practically no documentation on how
			to do this.

	pcrcomposite.c	- Shows the PCR composite structure (also in

	tpm-signoff.c	- This is another helper program we use in the
			TPM MFS.  It extends rubbish into the specified
			PCR.  We use this for the sign-off phase of the
			boot chain.