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$Id: README,v 1.1 2001-12-05 18:45:06 kwebb Exp $

*_doWarn and *_doFail:
  Be careful using these.  Before setting these to "yes" run
  the program for a while and make sure the values returned are
  what is expected.  If either do a "shutdown now" and you have
  got it wrong, a reboot will shut off very quickly.  This can be
  solved by booting into single-user mode and editing the files,
  but that is not fun.

  I started using port number 9669, because it looked nice, for
  communications between healthdc and healthd.  IANA has assigned
  port 1281 to healthd.  Starting with version 0.6.1 that will
  be the port used, the can be changed with the -P <port> option.

Remotely reading healthd.conf:
  Because remotely reading the scripts that are executed on failure might
  reveal information that is exploitable, it is not enabled by default. To 
  enable reading these values remotely add --enable-full-config to the
  invocation of configure.
        ./configure --enable-full-config