Hardware Overview

Test Nodes


Switches and Routers

Power Controllers



Four ethernet ports on each PC node are connected to the testbed backplane. All 672 ports can be connected in arbitrary ways by setting up VLANs on the switches via remote configuration tools. Cisco 6500 Switch backplane bandwidth is supposed to be near 50Gb/s, though between the testbed backplane switches, bandwidth is currently limited to 2Gb/s.

The fifth ethernet port on each PC is connected to the core router. Thus each PC has a full duplex 100Mbps connection to the servers. These connections are for dumping data off of the nodes and such, without interfering with the experimental interfaces. The only impact on the node is processor and disk use, and bandwidth on the PCI bus.

The DNARD Sharks are arranged by "shelves." A shelf holds 8 sharks each of which is connected by a 10Mbps link to an 8+2 10/100 ethernet switch from Asante. The Asante switches are connected via a 100Mbps link to the testbed backplane. Thus each shelf of 8 sharks is capable of generating up to 80Mbps to the backplane.