Power Users Manual

Power is a tool that uses SNMP to manage the APC Power Controllers that are used in the Utah Testbed. It was designed to facilitate easy control of power to the nodes in the testbed. It can turn on, turn off, or power cycle (reboot) any machine that is plugged into an APC power controller.

Along with power itself, there is a configuration file power.conf, that should be found in /usr/testbed/etc/, which lists the machine names and the IP addresses for thier power controllers and their outlet numbers. (power itself is currently located in /usr/testbed/bin/, and requires snmpit in /usr/testbed/bin/ also)


Syntax is as follows: (this message can be viewed by using "power" without any parameters)
power on <machine> <machine> ...
power off <machine> <machine> ...
power cycle <machine> <machine> ...
power on <machine> <machine> ...
This command turns on the specified machines.
power off <machine> <machine> ...
This command turns off the specified machines.
power cycle <machine> <machine> ...
This command power cycles (reboots) the specified machines.
Machines are specified using thier names: "tbpc01" through "tbpc10", and "alpha" and "beta" for the switches. Like most Unix commands, the keywords and machine names are case-sensitive.

Power.conf Configuration File

A configuration file called "power.conf" should be found in /usr/testbed/etc/, which should have the following format:
# format:
# machine<tab>PowerControlIP<tab>Outlet#<\n>
#Machine PowerControlIP Outlet#
tbpc01  1
tbpc02  2
tbpc03  3
tbpc04  4
tbpc05  5
tbpc06  6
tbpc07  7
tbpc08  8
tbpc09   6
tbpc10   5
alpha   7
beta   8
#end of power.conf
As might be guessed, lines starting with "#" are comments, and the format is simply a machine name, an IP address for its power controller, and the outlet that it is using, all separated by tabs (any spaces could cause incorrect results).

Power was written by Mac Newbold, of the Flux Research Group, University of Utah Computer Science Dept., in April 2000.
Please contact newbold@cs.utah.edu for further information, including licensing for use outside of the Utah Testbed, and concerning source code customization issues.

Power © 2000, Mac Newbold, Flux Research Group, Computer Science Department, University of Utah