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      Default new images in emulab-ops to no IMS report. Also default "listed" · 850495f8
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      to the value of sitevar images/default_listed.
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      Minor fix. · 2fd7501b
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      Send Terminate logs to testbed-logs ... · 2eee8c64
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      Attempt to rebuild the house of cards: · 6bba15b5
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      Last time we talked, I told you about a long standing change we needed
      wrt delay node handling. That change stopped considering control network
      interfaces in the list of possible interface speeds, as well as
      interfaces that are not even wired up. This was bad, since well, it
      makes no sense. Say we have a cluster with 1G control interfaces, but
      all of the experimental interfaces are 10G. The mapper would think there
      are 1G links for delay node handling and best effort (we would put the
      minimum required speed into the vtop and let assign choose an interface).
      The consequence of this at the Moonshot cluster is that a best effort
      lan of many (say, 40) nodes would map using any set of nodes scattered
      across the chassis' cause we were using 1G in the vtop file. But after I
      made the change above, some experiments stopped mapping cause the ptop
      was now getting 10G link speeds cause that is now the minimum, but there
      is not enough interswitch BW to support a lan that big when it is
      scattered across too many switches. Which is the whole reason for best
      So now for a few new changes.
      * Make best effort a first class flag, not a combo of things (speed=10,
        nobwshaping=1, uselinkdelay=0), on the lan database table. I've wanted
        to do this for a while.
      * Now best effort is handled in the mapper, currently by putting in
        a 1G bandwidth in the vtop, and assign will pick any interface 1G or
        better. This gets us back to where we were before the changed described
        in the first paragraph above. Well except for the pc3000s on the
        Mothership, they have a mix of 100Mb and 1Gb interfaces, but I am going
        to wait and see if it actually causes problems for anyone.
        But to make this really correct, we need to change the CM to pass through
        something other then "10" BW for all best effort links, since what we
        really want is for the user to tell us a true minimum they need, so that
        we can pick the lowest speed physical devices required. But this will
        take some more thinking time. And it affects the problem with interswitch
        bandwidth above.
      * Get rid of an inconsistency in linkdelay handling; at the experiment
        level we have use and force flags for linkdelays. But at the lan
        level we have just a use flag, and we were treating that as force. So
        I added a separate force flag to make things consistent, since with
        best effort we want to turn of BW shaping but otherwisw link delay is
        optional unless needed for some other reason (delay, loss).
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      Default to UBUNTU18-64-UHD-STD, turn on powercycleafterreload and · 9b04d0ee
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      delayreloadtillalloc options.
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      Open show-image page in new tab. · 0ef006e0
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      Show image tracker (ims) fields when appropriate, allow toggling the · 71e22af2
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      the noreport flag.
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      Add the Hospital base station. · cfbcad7a
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      Minor tweak, skip right to the cluster status when only one · 224854a2
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      aggregate (whie would be everywhere except the Mothership).
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      Initial set of changes to try and get our image listing situation under · 5793e780
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1) Add a "listed" flag to images and to the image server to allow hiding
         images that users are able to use, but do not need to see in a
         listing of available images. For example, consider all the openstack
         images, which are not usable by themselves, but only when
         instantiating the openstack profile. We have dozens of such images
         that add a lot of noise.
      2) Add a local update flag so that changes to metadata (listed, global)
         via the web interface actually get posted to the IMS via the daemon.
      3) Various changes to the web UI in support of this stuff.
      Work in progress, I need to get these changes out to all the clusters
      before I can proceed further.
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