1. 14 Jun, 2006 11 commits
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      The template "datastore" ... · fe9aa6a4
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Each template has a datastore, which is really just a subdirectory that can
      be populated with files, and committed to the subversion archive.  Note,
      the datastore os specific to the template itself. The Template Archive link
      on the Show Template page takes you to the subdirectory, which by
      convention I am calling "datastore".
      The directory actually lives in /proj/pid/exp/eid/TGUID-VERS ... but that
      path is printed out for you on the archive page.
      Anyway, put stuff in the datastore directory, and then commit the template
      archive so there is a tag associated with it.
      When an instance is created, a checkout of the datastore is placed in the
      experiment directory (/proj/pid/eid/exp/template_datastore). The current
      tag (from above) is stored with the instance so that we can later recreate
      the enviroment for the instance, say for rerun.
      Tarfiles and rpms in the datastore can be referenced as xxx://foo.rpm (in
      your NS file).  tarfiles_setup transforms those when the instance is
      swapped in, sorta like it does other URLs, only it does not actually fetch
      them, just need to rewrite the paths so they reference datastore.
      The program agent gets another environment variable so you can refer to the
      datastore without hardwiring paths ($DATASTORE). Eventually I want to move
      the checkout someplace else, but it was easy to drop it into the experiment
      directory for now.
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      FreeBSD 6.0 compat: clear "named_flags" which would otherwise set the · 720c0986
      Mike Hibler authored
      named user to "bind"
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      Bug in "/etc/rc.d/nfsd stop" invocation: · adca52be
      Mike Hibler authored
       The nfsd script will try to kill all nfsd processes, but once
       the master is killed, it kills all children itself.  Thus the
       nfsd script may fail to kill the children if they are already
       dead.  "forcestop" instead of "stop" tells the script to ignore errors.
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      Pulled another fix from the anal repository... · 97066a92
      Mike Hibler authored
      No idea why rpc exchanges started failing after updating boss/ops to
      FreeBSD 6.1 or, for that matter, why this really fixes the problem.
      Monitoring the exchanges between client and the RPC serial line didn't
      show any rhyme or reason why some exchanges elicited "Input error" and
      others didn't.  But I noticed that every \r we send to the RPC gets
      echoed back as \r\r\n (and no, it isn't the serial line CR<->NL mapping).
      So I reduced the number of \r (actually \n) we send it and things got better.
      This "fix" has been running every 5 minutes for the last hour without
      failure, so I declare it: An Improvement.
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      Wrap perl 5.8 specific code in an eval. Thanks Rob. Took a while to · ee8552d2
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      get this right since the lexical environment inside an eval inside a
      package is not what I thought it would be!
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      Minor syntax fix. · 50f3eae6
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      Fix nasty security hole in checklogin code that would have allowed a · 491780d6
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      mysql injection attack. Been there for years. Amazing.
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      Minor formatting changes. · ca482841
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      Changes to allow users to be logged in from more then one browser. · b452cfd4
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      The adminon/off bit is now kept in the login table instead of the
      users table so that you can be reddot on a per-browser (login) basis.
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