1. 18 Dec, 2009 1 commit
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      Changes to support the SPP nodes. My approach was a little odd. · fd015646
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      What I did was create node table entries for the three SPP nodes.
      These are designated as local, shared nodes, reserved to a holding
      experiment. This allowed me to use all of the existing shared node
      pool support, albeit with a couple of tweaks in libvtop that I will
      not bother to mention since they are hideous (another thing I need to
      The virtual nodes that are created on the spp nodes are figments; they
      will never be setup, booted or torn down. They exist simply as place
      holders in the DB, in order hold the reserved bandwidth on the network
      interfaces. In other words, you can create as many of these imaginary
      spp nodes (in different slices if you like) as there are interfaces on
      the spp node. Or you can create a single spp imaginary node with all
      of the interfaces. You get the idea; its the reserved bandwidth that
      drives the allocation.
      There are also some minor spp specific changes in vnode_setup.in to
      avoid trying to generalize things. I will return to this later as
      See this wiki page for info and sample rspecs:
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      No longer use the ssh keys in the Emulab database when the protogeni · d60b9acd
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      user is a local user. Instead, all users have to send along their keys
      in the RedeemTicket() call, and those keys land in the new Emulab
      table called nonlocal_user_pubkeys, and tmcd will use that table when
      sending keys over local nodes.
      This change removes the inconsistency in key handling between slivers
      created locally and slivers created at a foreign CM.
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      Checkpoint. · f83ba977
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      * More URN issues dealt with.
      * Sliver registration and unregistraton (CM to SA).
      * More V2 status stuff.
      * Other fixes.
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      Fill in the "minimal" part of the version two CM API, now functional. · 990de36f
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Most of the changes in GeniCM are simple reorganizations to allow me
        to call into the code from the GeniCMV2 module. This is to avoid
        code duplication as much as possible. Eventually, I will have to
        duplicate the code, but for the moment this works okay.
      * I am ignoring the slice_urn argument for now. Will add that later.
      * See protogeni/test/version2 for the version two test cases.
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