1. 19 Aug, 2002 4 commits
  2. 18 Aug, 2002 5 commits
  3. 17 Aug, 2002 12 commits
  4. 16 Aug, 2002 10 commits
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      · 60529980
      Chad Barb authored
      The big one.
      New look;
      most of the changes are in menu.php3.
      A lot of the changes in other files are s/<TD>/<TH>/
      for table headers.
      Also closed some tags, tweaked some table styles, etc..
      No actual functionality should have changed.
      Will be installing soon...
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      · 2e142429
      Chad Barb authored
      Changed format for passing in command to execute
      to use @s instead of %s..
      also removed exteraneous output when not using -v.
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      <cdrom> is the CD-ROM filesystem that winds up in the .iso · f90deda0
      Mike Hibler authored
      <image> is the disk filesystem that winds up imagezipped
              (pc16's disk)
      <floppy> is the floppy image for the CD-ROM
              Add "-c 16" to mount_mfs commands to get rid of warning message.
              Added "showprogress" which, when set, will do more verbose
              output from wget and imageunzip.  Added more "be patient" messages,
              they now use a common string.  Warn about kernel messages when
              creating tmp filesystem.  Use installed emulab.net, not Leigh's
              development tree.  Get "Dance with Netbed" prompt off same line
              as "starting local daemons..."
              Change WhichRawDisk to use non-'r' special files, there is no
              distinct raw device interface anymore.  Also add ATAPI RAID to
              the list to try.  Default netmask to
              Split-off initial install path some so that we can introduce
              prompts which don't time out (like, "are you sure you want to
              do this?").  rawbootdisk becomes netbed_disk in the rc.conf.local,
              also add and writeout netbsd_IP for use in the register.pl
              script (which doesn't use it yet).
              Change "remote peers" (servers) to utah.ron and mit.ron
              Cleaned out logfiles and other cruft.  Logfiles had a little too
              much info in them for my tastes (hostnames, IPs, users...)
              Fixed "Aborted" error message
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      · 0ac699b5
      Chad Barb authored
      Redefined Windows usage...
      Core realization:
      Since the installer does an excellent job of associating the tbacl filetype to tiptunnel
      properly *in the shell*, users can save their acl files to their desktop (or whatever) and
      double-click them to connect. This works perfectly smoothly, and obviates the need to mess around with
      MIME types.
      So, this is the new "official method" for windows.
      Plus, we can spin it as more convenient than the web method
      (e.g. put all your acl files somewhere, so you can quickly connect
       to your nodes without having to log in or navigate to them.) .
      Barring any more unpleasant surprises, with this usage,
      TipTunnel should be good for the tutorial.
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      · 5d73237e
      Chad Barb authored
      Adding in gunk to make installer binary get installed into www.
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      Fix in dotrafficconfig(). While adding the REMOTE() check, a variable's · 290c5f13
      Shashi Guruprasad authored
      scope was inadvartently reduced to the if block instead of the entire
      dotrafficconfig() function. This caused nse not to start up automatically
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      Why commit just once? · ce9583ba
      Chad Barb authored
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  5. 15 Aug, 2002 9 commits