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      Mike's quick fix for an image creation problem. · d96333e3
      Mike Hibler authored
      Leigh should do this right!
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      Support dynamically created NFS-root filesystems for admin MFS. · f36bcfab
      Mike Hibler authored
      Significant hackary involved. Similar to exports_setup, there is a boss-side
      script and an ops-side script to handle creation and destruction of the ZFS
      clones that are used for the NFS filesystem. The rest was all about when to
      invoke said scripts.
      Creation is easy, we just do a clone whenever the TBAdminMfsSelect is called
      to "turn on" node admin mode. Destruction is not so simple. If we destroyed
      the clone on the corresponding TBAdminMfsSelect "off" call, then we could
      yank the filesystem out from under the node if it was still running in the
      MFS (e.g., "node_admin -n off node"). While that would probably be okay in
      most uses, where at worst we would have to apod or power cycle the node, we
      try to do better. TBAdminMfsSelect "off" instead just renames the clone
      (to "<nodeid>-DEAD") so that it stays available if the node is running on
      it at the time, but ensures that it will not get accidentally used by any
      future boot. We check for, and destroy, any previous versions for a node
      every time we invoke the nfsmfs_setup code for that node. We also destroy
      live or dead clones whenever we call nfree. This ensures that all MFSes
      get cleaned up at experiment swapout time.
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      Dataset fixes. · 1f0cdf67
      Leigh B Stoller authored