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      Increase the limit on certain geni-get response lengths (esp. manifests). · 21c48518
      Gary Wong authored
      The old limit (2K) was big enough that essentially any hand-written
      rspec would work fine, but also small enough that pretty much any manifest
      for a Flack-generated request rspec would fail.
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      Fix things that clang found. · b72f732d
      Mike Hibler authored
      Including one piece of incorrect code that might have prevented us
      from getting a meaningful error message on a failed RPC.
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      Support for FreeBSD 10.x boss/ops. · e81136ad
      Mike Hibler authored
      The biggest changes were related to 10.0's replacing gcc with clang
      and the switch to a new package system. The former required various
      fixes to Makefiles that hardwired "gcc" and also missing prototypes
      in source files that clang is particularly obnoxious about.
      There was also accomodating the normal evolution of the ports tree.
      New variables were needed in many of the Makefiles for this. Hopefully,
      all the changes I made are backward compatible, but I don't actually
      care that much since I hope to never, ever have to remake those older
      packages! A new emulab version of the m2crypto port was needed to
      reflect that m2crypto is no longer installed as an .egg file.
        * Emulab assign. As of this commit, assign does not build with
          clang. It will build, but immediately core dumps if built with
          a gcc port (gcc46 below). THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!
        * Emulab nsverify. This requires building a pure ns-2.34, which
          is old and does not compile with clang. You will need to set
          NSVERIFY=0 in your defs file. I did this in defs-elabinelab
          (iff FBSD==10) but no where else right now.
        * Bind in the base distro. Bind is no longer part of FreeBSD
          (it has been replaced with something called "unbound"). So we
          install bind99 from a port and we make the /etc/namedb symlink
          to /usr/local/etc/namedb which is where it now lives.
        * Perl 5.12. It has been totally removed from the ports tree.
          We now install 5.14, the next-most obsolete version of Perl!
        * pkg_{add,delete,info}. As mentioned, the packages tools have
          changed. For the most part "pkg <cmd>" is the same as "pkg_<cmd>"
          but not always. This required considerable violence in the
          install/phases code. But it is actually cleaner now.
        * GCC in the base distro. I added installation of the gcc46 port
          to the boss and ops meta packages, just for old-times sake
          (we might wind up needing it, if still more stuff doesn't work
          with clang).
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      Set the root password inside the guest if jailconfig returns it. · 454d9991
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Also a debugging test; remove the iscsi startup files from the
      guest, to see if this causing the control network problems.
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      Set a per-vnode root password on shared VMs. · e91f68fb
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Doing this here allows jailconfig in tmcd to return it.
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      Return the root password hash in the jailconfig call. · fddcd467
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      This allows dom0 to set the password of the guest at creation time, so
      that if something goes wrong, we can get in on the console. This also
      fixes an error where on a shared node, we were returning the password
      hash for the physical host. Return a per-node hash instead.
      Also abstract out the various places we get read from /dev/urandom.
    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      More tweaks for non-segmented control network. Also APT exception · 2da7373d
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      to allow ssh from ops.emulab.net.
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