1. 06 May, 2002 12 commits
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  6. 01 May, 2002 4 commits
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      Add idle expts view to experiment list page. Filters based on days idle... · ae32a110
      Mac Newbold authored
      Add idle expts view to experiment list page. Filters based on days idle (default is 2), and adds a column with a button that takes you directly to the confirmation page for sending a swap/terminate request. Very cool, and handy dandy for the Idle Daemon to use. Still doesn't do sorting by last login, because that would require either a monster 15-line SQL query or saving everything into an array, sorting, and then printing, instead of our current 'print in the order you get it from the db' method. Maybe later. Changed TBExpUidLastLogins to return a daysidle value as well.
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      Add "assigned_ip" to tunnels table. This is the IP that the (tunnel) · 05dfc5e1
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      interface should be configured to. Another possibility (and one we may
      switch to) is to add the IP to the interfaces table so it gets
      returned in the normal ifconfig, but thats going to require a number
      of cascading changes that I do not want to deal with yet.
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      Add tunnels table, loaded by assign_wrapper. This tables lists what · b5f1ee0e
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      tunnels need to be created on each node; will be returned as a new
      tmcd command.
      Add nodeipportnum table, which is a hacky way to allocate non
      overlapping port numbers on physical nodes (when multiple virtual
      nodes are mapped to them). Used in assign_wrapper as a post pass over
      the trafgens table and the tunnels table.
      Add target_vname to virt_trafgens table as an aid in post passing.
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  8. 29 Apr, 2002 1 commit