1. 12 Jun, 2012 1 commit
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      Minor change to credential verification and load. · f3310749
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Move the expiration test into verifygenicred. Change the invocation to
      capture the output so that we can say something useful in the error
      response, instead of what we do now which is just tell the user there
      is an error.
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      Add new API call CreateImage; create/snapshot a geni sliver node. · 750be519
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      This call allows a geni user to create a sliver, customise the node,
      and then take a snapshot (possibly creating a new image descriptor)
      without having to use the Emulab web interface. The API looks like:
        int CreateImage(slice_urn, sliver_urn, imagename, credentials[]);
      The slice must be unlocked and the sliver in the ready state. Once
      the operation starts, the slice is locked until the backend finishes.
      This is something that I might revisit later, but this was the easiest
      approach that ensures consistency. 
      The imagename is looked up in the current project the node is attached
      to. If it does not exists, create it. Then snapshot the node. You can
      call this again of course, to take a new snapshot, without having to
      provide a new imagename.
      The image file is written to the images directory of the project,
      which is available to the node via /proj, so the user can get to it
      (since the user might not have a local account).
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      ProtoGENI slivers are now created in separate projects instead of a · fedd45bd
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      single GeniSlices project. There two forms to this;
      1. If the user is actually a local user, create the sliver in the
         User's "default" project. Later this will change to use use sub
         authorities, when we can generate and read those credentials.
      2. If the user is form another SA, create a new non-local project
         named by the SA's domain, and optionally a subgroup named by the
         project sub authority (see above comment).
      At the same time, add proper resource usage accounting. In other
      words, Show History on the web page works for protogeni experiments
      and projects.
  14. 29 Aug, 2011 1 commit
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      Export a very Emulab specific function; InjectEvent. This is a gateway · 890c180b
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      into the per-experiment event scheduler for the experiment underneath
      the sliver. An example of how to use this is the new test script
      called injectevent.py, which you run like:
      users> injectevent.py now geni1-program start COMMAND='/bin/ls >& /tmp/foo'
      which injects an event for the program agent on your geni1 node.
      Note that you have to contact the specfic CM for the node; if you have
      multiple nodes spread across several CMs, you have to call this method
      at the CM where the node lives.
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      Add errorlog text field to aggregates and slivers so that non-node · 320c7d8a
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      slivers can store/return error info to the user in sliverstatus.
      This include the top level aggregate for a slice.
      Added an 'error' attribute to the top level sliverstatus return hash,
      to return this error.
      Put start/restart sliver into the background so that it runs async,
      just like it does when invoked from the CreateSliver() path. This is
      because start/restart can take an arbitrary length of time, and having
      the RPC sit in hold for that long is not an ideal interface. Users can
      get all the info they need from the sliverstatus call.
      Change Start/Restart so that all of the error message we were printing
      to STDERR for the mail log, also go back to the user in the toplevel
      error for the aggregate.
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      Changes our ssh key/account handling in RedeemTicket() and · 03c2107c
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      CreateSliver(), to handle multiple accounts.  This somewhat reflects
      the Geni AM API for keys, which allows the client to specify multiple
      users, each with a set of ssh keys.
      The keys argument to the CM now looks like the following (note that
      the old format is still accepted and will be for a while).
      [{'urn'   => 'urn:blabla'
        'login' => 'dopey',
        'keys'  => [ list of keys like before ]},
       {'login' => "leebee",
        'keys'  => [ list of keys ... ]}];
      Key Points:
      1. You can supply a urn or a login or both. Typically, it is going to
         be the result of getkeys() at the PG SA, and so it will include
      2. If a login is provided, use that. Otherwise use the id from the urn.
      3. No matter what, verify that the token is valid for Emulab an uid
         (standard 8 char unix login that is good on just about any unix
         variant), and transform it if not.
      4. For now, getkeys() at the SA will continue to return the old format
         (unless you supply version=2 argument) since we do not want to
         default to a keylist that most CMs will barf on.
      5. I have modified the AM code to transform the Geni AM version of the
         "users" argument into the above structure. Bottom line here, is
         that users of the AM interface will not actually need to do
         anything, although now multiple users are actually supported
         instead of ignored.
      Still to be done are the changes to the login services structure in
      the manifest. We have yet to settle on what these changes will look
      like, but since people generally supply valid login ids, you probably
      will not need this, since no transformation will take place.
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      Assorted changes to make sure that the uid we grab from the user URN · 56fef67b
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      is a valid Emulab user id (as for creating accounts on nodes) and for
      inserting into the Emulab DB.
      If the uid is not valid for us, make up a new one from a hash of the
      certificate. This will give us a (typically) unique but always
      consistent uid to use.
      Also add the uid to the services/login section of the manifest so that
      the client always knows what uid to use when logging in.
  24. 21 Mar, 2011 1 commit
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      First attempt at fixing deadlock when stitching. This happens if both · 3cdbe5f7
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      sides try to stitch at the same time. One side has to back off and let
      the other proceed. The problem is with the slice locking, which had to
      be changed to allow one side to drop the lock so the other side could
      proceed. I ended up doing this with an additional stitching lock, used
      only when stitching.
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