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      Changes to node control (web page). Added a backend script to do this · f9cfddd4
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      stuff so that the web page did not need to do anything except display
      and form processing. Add tbsetup/node_control for backend so that it
      can be called from the command line too. The virt_nodes table is also
      updated (for those values that have virt_nodes equivalents), and this
      mostly implies that changes can be applied only to swapped in
      experiments since we use the reserved table to map pcXXX to its vname
      so that the virt_nodes table can be updated. It is an easy extension
      to allow changes based on the pid/eid/vname, but I do not see a reason
      to support this ability yet. Note usage:
          Usage: node_control name=value [name=value ...] node [node ...]
                 node_control -e pid,eid name=value [name=value ...]
                 node_control -l
          For multiword values, use name='word0 ... wordN'
          Use -l to get a list of operational parameters you can change.
          Use -e to change parameters of all nodes in an experiment.
          {824} stoller$ /build/testbed/install//bin/node_control -l
            next_boot_osid            - (administrators only)
            bios_version              - (administrators only)
            rpms                      - (multiple options allowed)
            next_pxe_boot_path        - (administrators only)
            tarfiles                  - (multiple options allowed)
            pxe_boot_path             - (administrators only)
            next_boot_cmdline         - (administrators only)
            deltas                    - (multiple options allowed)
            next_boot_path            - (administrators only)
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      A bunch of lastlogin changes! The user and experiment information · 4658545e
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      pages now show the lastlogin info that is gathered from sshd syslog
      reporting to users. That info is parsed by security/genlastlog.c, and
      entered into the DB in the nodeuidlastlogin and uidnodelastlogin
      tables. If not obvious from the names, for each user we want the last time
      they logged in anyplace, and for each node we want the last time anyone
      logged into it. The latter is obviously more useful for scheduling
      purposes. All of the various images have new /etc/syslog.conf files,
      and the 6.2 got new sshd_configs (all cvsup'ed with kill -HUP). There
      is an entry in boss:/etc/crontab and users:/etc/syslog.conf. All of
      this is decribed in greater detail in security/genlastlog.c.
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      Add delete nodelog entry option in log listing. · b27efd96
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Remove hot list for osids from big node listing to cut down on the
      size of the html that gets spit out.
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      Add swappable and priority bits to experiment creation form. Not used, · 28c1968f
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      but simply entered into the DB record for the experiment until we know
      what to do with them. Add to batchexp script arguments, since all that
      stuff is done outside the web interface. Add a swapexp perl script to
      swap an an experiment in/out form the command line. Add web links on
      the Experiment Information page to do this from the web interface. A
      bunch of locking changes. Previously expt_terminating in the
      experiment record prevented multiple calls to terminate an experiment,
      but now we have a more general locking problem with
      start,swapin,swapout, and terminate, so change expt_terminating to
      expt_locked (still a datetime field) and add locking to all of
      startexp, swapexp, and endexp. Note that batch experiments cannot be
      swapped yet because of locking issues still to be resolved. Minor
      cleanup in tbreport to make email message look better.
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      Rework of the batch experiment code. Unified it with the immediate · 4d420b21
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      experiment code. No longer uses another table. Rather, the experiment
      record contains a couple of extra fields for the batch system. Also
      combined some of the backend code (no longer a killbatch script).
      Also added scriptable experiments; the batchexp program in the bin
      directory can start an experiment from the command line, and in fact
      is used from the web page for both batch experiments and immediate
      experiments (-i option). All of the DB code that was in the web
      interfaces was moved to batchexp.
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      Add support for "shared" experiments to the web pages. The begin · e0e804d6
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      experiment form sports a new checkbox. When shared, the experiment
      information page will include a link (Shared) to a page where you can
      add and subtract projects that can share the nodes in the experiment.
      Only TBadmins and experiment creator and project leader get to mess
      with this stuff. A backed script called webnodeupdate is called to
      fire off updates on the nodes (accounts and mounts).
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      Some minor changes, plus endless hours of PERL confusion. Anyway, add · d1c90991
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      a bootstatus field to the nodes table. os_setup sets this to one of
      okay, failed, unknown. This is to be used with the still to be defined
      method of specifying certain nodes that can fail reboot on experiment
      creation. Right now sharks are wired to this, and this information is
      presented in the web page. Its also essential for the batch system,
      which needs to consider nodes that failed to reboot, or else batch
      experiments would never end. Might still need a way for an experiment
      to tell the batch system its done though.
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      Ready Bit support. New field in the nodes table. Initialized by · 62341a85
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      handle_os. Two new TMCC commands. "ready" says the node is ready (sets
      ready to 1 in nodes table). "readycount" returns an N of M ready count
      to the caller. This is not a barrier sync operation! Nodes must poll,
      and there is no way to reset the count since that would require some
      sort of synchronization, which of course we do not have.
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