1. 22 Dec, 2010 15 commits
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  3. 20 Dec, 2010 6 commits
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      Fix arguments to file(). · 593043da
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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      Allow passing arbitrary reload flags to osload() from os_load. · 844f88b4
      David Johnson authored
      Now that we're entering the type-specific osload module era, it's
      conceivable that modules might expose different parameters that users
      could set (i.e., choose to reload via xmodem or tftp).  So, we allow users
      to invoke os_load with a list of key/value pairs that get placed into the
      reload_args hash argument to osload().
      This will probably change later; it just preserves API compat for now.
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      Allow forced reload for node types that are not rebootable. · d0cd4035
      David Johnson authored
      Sometimes we want to mark some node types as not rebootable by default,
      but we end up needing to power cycle them occasionally.  For instance, if
      we're going to be flashing switches, we don't want any other Emulab
      service power cycling them if they are in some unknown state -- only the
      service flashing them should be able to power cycle them, because only it
      knows what state the node is in.
      Tracking node operational state across daemons (or just across fork
      boundaries) is a more complex project, and it's not clear it's really
      needed, aside from special cases like flashing switches.
      So, we just do a little end-around the rebootable attribute.
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      Xmodem work; bugfixes; reorg. · e3bd42ea
      David Johnson authored
      Allow xmodem reloads if explicitly specified requested via os_load.
      Make power cycles asynch; we want to track their outcome via the console.
      Make sure to reload switches that have no entries in the partitions
      table too.
      Misc bugfixes and reorganization.
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      Restore widearea reload support. · f76fd8a1
      David Johnson authored
      Add back in widearea support by setting the access_key field for each
      image that is going to be loaded on a widearea node.
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