1. 16 Dec, 2005 1 commit
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      The beginnings of a toy version of assign written in Comet. I'm · ef81939b
      Robert Ricci authored
      working on getting a feeling of whether or not it's feasible to
      implement assign in Comet. I think if it is, it would be a huge win in
      terms of maintainability and extensibility.
      So far, it's looking very promising. I'm struggling a bit with the
      syntax, and the lack of an API reference. But, once I figure out how
      to do what I need, it's making a lot of sense.
      All this program does so far is try to respect the number of slots on
      physical nodes - ie. not assign more than one vnode to a pnode, but it
      can do arbitrary numbers instead of just 1.
      It does not read top/ptop files, doesn't know about types, doesn't try
      to minimize any score, doesn't do features/desires, doesn't know about
      links at all, etc. Like I said, it's the beginnings of a toy program.
      It looks to me like what we're going to end up doing is writing a
      program to produce Comet programs. One of the cool things about this
      is that it means we can leave out any constraints, etc. tha...