1. 25 Jan, 2006 1 commit
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      Merge in changes from the assign-devel branch. This includes: · ed3cbc13
      Robert Ricci authored
      Ripping out crope and replacing (almost) all cropes, char*s and
      strings with fstring
      Beginnings of XML parser support (not built by default yet).
      Significant re-org of code.
      Should now compile with the latest gcc.
      Putting link information in stored solutions.
      Support for fixing interfaces.
  2. 24 Jan, 2006 4 commits
  3. 23 Jan, 2006 16 commits
  4. 22 Jan, 2006 7 commits
  5. 21 Jan, 2006 3 commits
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      · e39c78e7
      Kirk Webb authored
      Bump rootball revision.
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      · 6b1d5c92
      Kirk Webb authored
      Create our own passwd file inside plab vservers.  We add the slice user
      to this passwd file, with the password starred out.  This fixes the gaping
      security hole resulting from the passwordless root and slice user accounts
      that exist in the default plab vserver environment (in conjunction with our
      per-vserver sshd).
    • Jay Lepreau's avatar
      -Document temporary behavior: at swapin/mod always run >= 3 and no email. · 13d5695f
      Jay Lepreau authored
      -Doc permanent behavior: No email when explicitly invoked.
  6. 20 Jan, 2006 5 commits
  7. 19 Jan, 2006 4 commits