1. 01 Mar, 2007 6 commits
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      Fix my earlier fix. · ece9146e
      Russ Fish authored
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      A change for Dave that we discussed a couple of months back and · 01cb437a
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      yesterday Dave said he needs it now.
      Currently the accounts that are returned to ron nodes are determined
      by looking for the node type in the pcremote_ok slot of the projects
      table. There is no per-user subgroup setting; everyone gets the group
      of their project.
      Dave needs to be able to assign remote users to specific subgroups
      within a variety of projects, and I did not want to hack up the
      pcremote_ok mechanism any further. So, new way to do this, that might
      replace pcremote_ok at some point, but for now will just override it.
      I am using the node_attributes table to drive what groups get
      installed, and thus what users get accounts and a grouplist.
      	inset into node_attributes values
      	           ('ronXXX', "dp_projects", "10000,10001,...");
      where the group list is specified as a list of gid_idx's. This works
      out very nicely cause I can use a subquery and FIND_IN_SET clause, and
      so the changes to tmcd where actually pretty easy.
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      Remove obsolete files. · f0f2c186
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      This commit contains several things: · 52dfb53d
      David Johnson authored
        * the google maps interface to the applet
        * a new control panel
        * a cache for dynamic web content that evicts if memory runs low
        * (some) comment cleanup
        * updated copyrights
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      Generalize check for newer versions of gcc so that it works for · b79d0dcc
      Robert Ricci authored
      4.x . Also, set things up so I only have to write the conditional
      in one place, port.h
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