1. 17 May, 2011 1 commit
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      Add per-experiment switch support. · ea496d44
      David Johnson authored
      Per-experiment switch stacks only come into being if the experiment
      actually has a switch allocated to it.  If not, tbswap and snmpit
      should function unchanged.  If there is a per-experiment stack that needs
      configuration, we first invoke normal snmpit in the normal place, but we
      use the new snmpit option `--skip-supplied' in combination with -S to skip
      the per-experiment stack.  We then configure the per-experiment stack by
      itself with -S after os_setup has completed.
      There are some new functions in the db backend stuff to create, modify,
      and remove per-experiment switches.
      There is some new code in snmpit to do the --skip-supplied filtering.  I
      also put all the -S, -i, and --skip-supplied stuff into portstats...
      because we also can't call portstats on a per-experiment switch in tbswap;
      otherwise it will hang and/or fail.
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      Bug Fix: Fix up the code that removes individual ports from vlans · a94c511f
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      when doing syncVlansFromTables(). I was not looking to see which ports
      existed on which devices, and so was calling the device specific
      remove for ports that did not exist on the device. Ditto for removing
      ports from trunks.
      Also a bunch of debugging bits in case there are more problems.
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      Modified version of snmpit to be run as a "feature" while · 31812eae
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      testing. Changes include:
      * syncvlans option that compares the switches and the DB and makes
        everything consistent, including creating backing DB objects for the
        dozens of hand created vlans, since all vlans must have a DB object
        so that vlan tag reservations can be consistent across all stacks.
      * Clean up the tag stuff a bit. No longer store tag in the
        lan_attributes table since that is a transient table, prone to
        getting out of sync with reality.
      * Changes to how the set of devices in a stack is chosen; ensure that
        we do not reference switches that are not needed (no ports on that
        switch and does not traverse a trunk on that switch). This should
        allow us to move the Backbone switches back into the Experimental
        stack, without fear that normal swapin will block cause the long
        distance links to those switches is down.
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      Remove setVlanTag(); no longer store the tag in the lans table since · 7d1f5299
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      it is transient; always use the reserved_vlantags table now.
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      Small changes so that snmpit can operate on other stacks besides the · ecd7428e
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Experimental stack, as to create vlans on switches that are part of
      experiments, without explicitly specifying the vlans/ports. We filter
      the experiment's set of vlans, to operate only on the vlans that have
      ports on the stack (provided with -S).
      Note that snmpit still cannot deal with multiple stacks, or with vlans
      that cross stacks.
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      Add code into snmpit and snmpit_lib to support the implemented_by, the code... · 9399bd29
      Weibin Sun authored
      Add code into snmpit and snmpit_lib to support the implemented_by, the code check whether a VLAN is a link that implements a path consisting of two layer 1 links, if YES, move the vlanid to a special array, the CreateOneVlan is able to handle two stacks in that case. The ports in the special VLAN is in switch:card.port format when they are passed to snmpit_stack and the under driver.(snmpit_hp only.)
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      Apply changes on boss installation to the source: add isSwitchPort and... · 7bd594ea
      Weibin Sun authored
      Apply changes on boss installation to the source: add isSwitchPort and getVlanIfaces to snmpit_lib, isSwitchPort detects if a given port is on switch, getVlanIfaces get ports in a Vlan in iface format; call getVlanIfaces from getVlanPorts to reuse the code to find members in a VLAn; in convertPortFromIface, detect if a port is actually on switch and get the port in node:card.port format, but now the return value is still node:card because lots of code in snmpit and snmpit_lib heavily depend on the node:card format. In snmpit, check if a port is on switch before portControl and getInterfaceSettings to avoid errors cause by port-not-found. In snmpit_apcon, try to refine the given ports in setPortsVlan and portControl to deal with switch port, also a more robust function to translate port from pc node format to switch format.
  31. 27 Sep, 2010 2 commits