1. 22 Mar, 2007 1 commit
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      Minor docs tweaks: · e941712b
      Russ Fish authored
      kb-search.php3 - If there's an xref_tag, use it in the found item URL.
      showstuff.php3 - Replace the broken tiptunnel faq link with kb-show?xref_tag.
      tutorial/tutorial.html - Use kb-show?xref_tag=linux_kernel instead of idx=269.
      tutorial/elabinelab.php3 -
       . Change syntax from ::TBCOMPAT:: to 'namespace eval TBCOMPAT {'.
       . Document elabinelab_source_tarfile, tb-set-elabinelab-cvstag,
         elabinelab_tarfiles, elabinelab_nodeos, elabinelab_hardware,
         and elabinelab_fixnodes, including refs to similar tb-set- commands.
      tutorial/nscommands.html - Fix the anchor for tb-set-node-os.
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      · 1ad53f4f
      Kirk Webb authored
      Linked the GNU Radio tutorial into the main tutorial.
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      The Emulab Knowledge Base! · 6f08c442
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Okay, I implemented a primitive Knowledge Base! The current contents are
      *all* the existing FAQ entries, which I entered manually. Here are the
      * My reason for doing this is that we need something very simple. The wiki
        is too much of a barrier, and its search capabilities are pathetic.
      * The search page for the Knowledge Base is:
        Fairly primitive keyword search. Turns out that mysql 4.0 has a bunch for
        really good text searching functions built in, but we run 3.23 ... so I
        had to roll it myself. So, its a simple keyword (space or comma
        separated) search, no regular expressions.
      * Each DB record has a "faq_entry" flag, so creating the current FAQ on the
        fly from the DB is easy. See:
      * In reddot mode, you can add new KB entries:
        The form is fairly obvious but here are details anyway:
          Section Name: Choose an existing title, or make up a new one.
          Title:        The title of the KB (or FAQ) entry.
          Faq Entry:    Check this box if the new entry should show up in the FAQ.
          X Ref Tag:    A token so you can refer to other KB entries by name,
                        instead of by its index. Within the KB entry you would
                        write: <a href=kb-show.php3?xref_tag=sometag>
          Body:         Whatever you like. I took the existing FAQ entries and
                        stuck them with no changes except for the xref_tag
                        mentioned about (since some entries referenced other
      * Once you click on sumbit, you will see the entry as it will appear to
        users, along with a submenu to Modify/Delete/Add entries. You can modify
        the current entry from that menu. Mere users do not see this menu, only
        when in reddot mode.
      * The intent here is that we can generate new entries really easy, right
        from email if you like (with appropriate <pre> or <xmp> tags around it).
      * I have added sql/knowlbase-create.sql and a makefile target to
        generate that file when creating a distribution. I also added a section
        to install/boss-install to insert the entries into the new DB.
      * I hooked the search function into the existing Search Documentation link.
        We know search both the Knowledge Base *and* the Documentation on doc
        searches. This probably needs a little more work to get right.
      * I changed a lot of faq links to be more consistent and to reference
        the proper xref_tags (#swapping instead of #UTT-34).
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      · ed8262c1
      Timothy Stack authored
      Made a pass over tar file related things:
      	* os/install-tarfile: Added support for bzip2 compressed files and
      	fixed the '.tgz' regex (it detected '.tar.tgz' before).  Also
      	binmode'd some file handles to squelch a warning on Redhat 9.
      	* tbsetup/fetchtar.proxy.in: Added 'https' as a valid protocol for
      	URLs and 'tar.bz2' as a valid extension.  Changed the wget call to
      	do 'timestamping', which means it should only download files that
      	have changed since the last download.
      	* tbsetup/tarfiles_setup.in: More 'https' and '.tar.bz2' stuff.
      	When downloading tarballs, copy the file name extension from the
      	URL onto the local file name so 'install-tarfile' can figure out
      	how to decompress it properly.
      	* tbsetup/ns2ir/tb_compat.tcl.in: Added a bunch of checks to the
      	tb-set-node-tarfiles function.
      	* www/faq.html, www/tutorial/nscommands.html,
      	www/tutorial/tutorial.html: Flesh out and clean up tarfile related
      	documentation.  Also added anchors for the individual functions so
      	you can link to them from other pages.
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      Commit a change to the startcmd section (done while in Florida) that · 98cc961c
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      mentions you need to restart the event system to fire off the start
      command again.
      Currently, you cannot name the startcmd in a tevc command cause its
      name is unknown. Something to do with how objects are renamed in the
      parser and that they are not done below top level (inside a
      subroutine). Not sure how you get around that.
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