1. 11 Mar, 2005 2 commits
  2. 10 Mar, 2005 1 commit
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      Added two new options, needed for WhOL support. · b992395a
      Robert Ricci authored
      The new -b option gives you a string with the current status of a
      port (ie. if it's enabled, and which VLAN it's in). After getting
      this string, you can then modify the port (change its VLAN, enable it,
      whatever). Then, when you're done, you can pass the string -b gave you
      back into snmpit with -B, and it should restore the original status
      of the port.
      Make sure to put the status string in single quotes when you pass it
      on the command line. It contains some stuff that the shell won't like,
      such as semicolons.
  3. 09 Mar, 2005 6 commits
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  5. 07 Mar, 2005 7 commits
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      · 898cf9a2
      Timothy Stack authored
      Checkin some changes related to experiment automation and vnode feedback:
      	* configure, configure.in: Add sensors/canaryd/feedbacklogs
      	* db/libdb.pm.in, db/xmlconvert.in: Add "virt_user_environment"
      	table that holds environment variable names and values.
      	* event/lib/event.c: Allocate memory of the right size for
      	* event/program-agent/GNUmakefile.in: Add version.c file and
      	add install targets for the man page.
      	* event/program-agent/program-agent.8: Man page describing the
      	program-agent daemon.
      	* event/program-agent/program-agent.c: Add a bunch of convenience
      	features: let the user specify the working directory for commands;
      	save output to separate files on every invocation of an agent; let
      	the user specify a timeout for a command; make the set of
      	environment variables sane and add vars given in the NS file in
      	the opt array; a "status" file containing process information is
      	written out when children are collected.  Internal changes: child
      	processes are c...
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      Bump version number to 23 because of an incompatible change to the · 00965f77
      Timothy Stack authored
      "programs" command.
    • Timothy Stack's avatar
      Add some more fields to virt_programs (dir, timeout, · 96959fd7
      Timothy Stack authored
      expected_exit_code) that get used by the newer program agent.  Add
      virt_user_environment table that stores user config data for an
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      Rotated fiducials for Kirk, so removed offset 'correction' from · 2390deaa
      David Johnson authored
      vmc-client.c .
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      More notes on creating delta images. · ec292fd1
      Mike Hibler authored
      Hope to do this someday soon...
    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Change to the UI. Add a right click context menu (right click over a · b369447e
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      node) brings up a context menu that allows you to 1) Cancel the
      current drag operation for that robot, 2) bring up the Emulab shownode
      page in another window, and 3) set the orientation for the robot using
      a popup dialog input box. This allowed me to clean up some of the
      table handling code, and fix a glitch whereby a value left inside a
      cell being edited caused the a cancel drag operation to immediately
      start a new one.
    • Timothy Stack's avatar
      If a robot destination intersects multiple known obstacles, merge them · 7e2040d0
      Timothy Stack authored
      into a single larger one.
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