1. 12 May, 2015 13 commits
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      Respect the uploader_path field in image_versions. · 7700c6cf
      Mike Hibler authored
      The "Emulab configuration" of the mserver will now use uploader_path
      if set rather than path.
      A slight semantic change goes along with this. If the uploader_path is
      set, we assume that it is a temporary file to upload to and we (the mserver)
      do not do the dance of uploading to our own temporary and moving it into place.
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  6. 24 Apr, 2015 3 commits
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      Add option to check signature vs. image file (rather than vs. disk) · 65196d40
      Mike Hibler authored
      The -S (sanity check) option adds the ability to do the obvious: validate
      an image file using its signature. So what did imagehash do all these years?
      Well, its primary job was to generate a signature file that imagezip could
      use to generate a delta. Secondarily, it would compare a signature vs. a dis
      with an image loaded on it. But now we use imagezip to gen most signatures
      while generating the image itself.
      Also added -X (xtreme hack) option to have imagehash attempt to check or
      generate signature file entries in a way that is consistent with what
      imagezip does. The difference is that imagezip can produce hashes for
      blocks that span chunk boundaries, imagehash (previously) never did this.
      So when validating an image whose signature was generated by imagezip:
         imagehash -SX foo.ndz
      To generate a new signature for an image:
         imagehash -cX foo.ndz
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      FreeBSD 11 (aka current) support. · 460cc8bf
      Mike Hibler authored
      Mostly I just wanted to test "the latest" FBSD kernel on Apt
      so see if anything done recently would help with the hanging
      console problem on the R320s (newer kernels actually only hang
      for about 10 seconds and drop around 500 chars when they probe
      the ethernet interfaces--this is better than it was).
      While in there, I just went ahead and did the client side,
      mostly ifdefs in the makefiles.
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      Add "Xen mode" in capture. · c32c2d42
      Mike Hibler authored
      With "-X <domname>" capture will track what pty is being exposed by
      xenconsoled for a domU console. Capture will doggedly reconnect whenever
      it gets disconnected from the pty (which happens during reboots, etc.)
      Capture can even be started before the domain exists and it will keep
      trying til it does. So betware of typo-ing the domain name, capture won't
      Also added "-R <retry-interval-in-ms>" option to determine capture's
      "doggedness"--how often it will retry to establish a connection in the
      remote/program/xen modes.
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      Checkpoint image backed dataset work. · e94a7950
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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