1. 16 Dec, 2004 1 commit
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      1280x1024 is more normal than 1200x1024 for rdesktop. · df4255df
      Russ Fish authored
      You can specify any display resolution you want; it doesn't have to be
      one of the "normal" ones.  And you can switch back and forth by just starting
      a new rdesktop and "grabbing" the rlogin session away from the previous one.
      But once an rdesktop is started up, its display resolution is fixed.  If you make it
      smaller than the previous one, it will push your windows around to fit.
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      Commit SSH node menu option, and support. Heavily based/borrowed from · f4bf9b5c
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Chad's tiptunnel stuff. Requires ssh-mime.pl in the current directory,
      to be installed as a browser helper application on the users machine.
      Copied Chad's instructions for the tiptunnel from the FAQ, and stuck
      it into ssh-mime.html as a help file (not really FAQ material). The
      intent of this of course is to make ssh into jailed nodes easier, but
      not having to know port numbers, or directly log into ops first, when
      the jails are using control network IPs in our private IP space (not
      routable from outside).