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      Two sets of changes: · 5a74914d
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Watch for terminal states, and disable the action menus, to avoid trying
         to do things that are no longer possible.
      2. Add a reboot/reload column to the listview tab, to all easy reboot or
         reload of groups of nodes.
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      Some tweaks to credential handling: · 3ebffb34
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1) Anytime we need to generate a slice credential, and the slice has
         expired, bump the slice expiration so we can create a valid credential
         and then reset the expiration. Consider if the slice expires but we
         missed it and its still active; we gotta be able to control it.
      2) From the beginning, we have done almost all RPC operations as the
         creator of the experiment. Made sense when the portal interface was not
         project aware, but now other users in the project can see and mess with
         experiments in their project. But we are still doing all the RPC
         operations as the creator of the experiment, which will need to change
         at some point, but in the short term I am seeing a lot of credential
         errors caused by an expired speaks-for credential for that creator (if
         they have not logged into the portal in a while). When this happens,
         lets generate a plain slice credential, issued to the SA, so that we can
         complete the operation. Eventually we have to make the backend project
         aware, and issue the operations as the web user doing the driving.
         Maybe as part of the larger portalization project.
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      Add linktest support to the portal. Work in progress. · 2ed46ed2
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * A new Start Linktest button is in the bottom right of the topology tab.
      * When started, we create a new tab to display the linktest output
        (currently the unmodified output from Classic emulab linktest). The state
        of the experiment is change to linktest to prevent further action on the
        experiment, except of course for stop linktest.
      * When linktest is running, there is a Stop Linktest button in the upper
        collapse panel. This will stop linktest in its tracks, but the tabs
        remain. When you kill a linktest tab while linktest is running, linktest
        continues running, you have to use the Stop button.
      * I have added a small help document to the templates directory that the
        user is shown when they click on the ? mark in the linktest modal.
        Written in markdown format, it is a culling of text from the Emulab wiki
        linktest page.
      * Because of polling, there is a short (5-15 seconds) delay before the
        experiment is returned to the ready state. Not much to do about this in a
        polling world. Wouldn't callbacks be nice?
      * Linktest can be used on a multisite topology, although cross site links
        cannot be tested at this point. Links/Lans that are contained entirely to
        one site or the other are testable though. We build a new tab for each
        site to spew the linktest output.
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      Add support for cancelation; stopping an experiment setup early, instead of · 32c3d934
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      waiting till it finished setting up (or fails). This is really nice when a
      1000 node experiment has gone awry and it is pointless to wait for it to
      finish. When we do this, we mark the instance as canceled in the DB, and
      then wait for create_instance() to notice it. When it does, it stops
      waiting and invokes terminate with a new cancel option at the backend.
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      Add password block decryption and expansion in the instructions panel. · d7d3800a
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Given a password element in the rspec:
      	<emulab:password name='foo'></password>
      which the portal has converted to an encrypted secret, when that experiment
      is later shown (the status page), ask the server to decrypt the block, and
      then replace the string "{password-foo}" in the instructions with the
      actual password.
      Need to generalize this a bit more, for arbitrary encryption blocks, when
      we have those.
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      Two unrelated changes. · 6762e839
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Use information from sliverstatus to indicate that nodes have startup
         execution services running, and then tell then when they have finished,
         and they exited with non-zero status, indicate that they failed. We also
         hold saying the "ready" in the upper panel until all the services have
         exited, we say "booted" instead, and also say that nodes are running
         startup services.
      2. For snapshot, when we know an image has to be copied back to its origin
         cluster, tell the web interface, so that we can add another step to the
         imaging modal ("copying"). We know the copy is done when the origin
         cluster has posted the new image data to the IMS, so we do an additional
         poll in the backend waiting for the image server to get the data, and
         then we mark the image as ready for use.
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      Improvements to admin extend: · 7564c408
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Provide text box to add to email message that is sent to user.
      2. Track outstanding admin required requests, add a Deny button for those.
      3. Add option to experiment listing for admins, to see outstanding admin
         required approval.
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