1. 15 Apr, 2003 11 commits
  2. 14 Apr, 2003 21 commits
  3. 11 Apr, 2003 8 commits
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      Fix boolean error in last commit. · a19c9897
      Mac Newbold authored
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      Use new sitevar "idle/mailinterval". If it hasn't been long enough since · 1db322fa
      Mac Newbold authored
      our last mail, don't show the red dot link to send another mail. Also,
      show the red dot for unswappable expts too.
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      Grab idle threshold from the site vars. · 57f05001
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      s/admininstrator/administrator/gi · e9dc17ac
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      priveledges -> privileges · 9d13ddfa
      Chad Barb authored
      Yeah, it sounds right to me, too.
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      Don't nowrap the values. Some of them are long text messages that have to · 7004d906
      Mac Newbold authored
      wrap. Also spellchecked while I was in there.
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      · a0248828
      Chad Barb authored
      Added site variables ('sitevars').
      These are stored in the sitevariables database table.
      Each one has a name, a description (NOT OPTIONAL!), a
      default value, and a current value.
      If the current value is NULL, the default value is used.
      Soon, a mechanism will be added to the install process to
      ensure all needed site variables exist before installing;
      more on that when it is committed.
       - Added 'editsitevars.php3' page, accessable to admins
         via the 'Edit Site Variables' menu option.
       - Added 'setsitevar' script,
         an interface for listing, viewing in detail, and setting
         site variables.
       - Web interface now uses 'web/nologins' and 'web/message'
         instead of one-off database tables.
      NOTE that setting a variable to the default value and
      setting a variable to a value which is string-identical
      are NOT the same thing.
      (This doesn't matter yet, but when we push default values out to
       remote sites as part of our install, it will.)
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      Make swappability easy to toggle after expt creation. This hopefully will · 87045a9d
      Mac Newbold authored
      soon be used by admins only to grant swappability. For now, it is open to
      anyone who has expt modify access as well.
      The change is visible everywhere SHOWEXP is called, like showexp.php3 for
      Also introduced toggle.php, a generic toggle script, similar to
      adminmode.php, but useful for just about anything. To add something, just
      add it to the list, specify the valid values it can have, and add its
      permission check and action. Now you don't need a different php page for
      each toggle switch. This page is already set up to take over from
      adminmode.php, but I didn't change things over just yet.
      (Should this go in the changelog?)