1. 20 Jan, 2017 27 commits
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      Redo the frisbee heartbeat code again. · 5407463e
      Mike Hibler authored
      My "shortcut" to enable a heartbeat via a client-side command line
      proved to be untenable. There are just too many places where we fire
      off the client and getting the right heartbeat interval value to all
      those places would have been...challenging.
      So back to the original plan of having a server-side command line
      option and letting the server tell the client when/what to report.
      This limits the changes to just the frisbee master server, in particular
      I now just have to get the value to master server instances running
      on the subbosses (not done yet, just hardwiring a value for now).
      All this said, I still had to modify the various places we invoke
      the frisbee client to add an option to enable the heartbeat, but at
      least I didn't need to know a specific value.
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      Fix admission control when an experiment has nodes already allocated. · eaeed4b0
      Gary Wong authored
      (The original approach was reusing the existing experiment record when
      trying to repeat admission control.  This did properly decrement the
      "used nodes" count, so that reallocating the same node to the same
      experiment wasn't counted twice; but unfortunately it didn't
      effectively increase the "free nodes" count and so it was still
      possible to encounter spurious failures.  This could affect both
      swapmod and RedeemTicket.)
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      Include URL to the experiment in the output so its slightly easier to · c5488791
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      figure out who is to blame.
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