1. 07 Feb, 2006 1 commit
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      Tweaks. · f4fb06a5
      Russ Fish authored
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      · 7e51715e
      Kirk Webb authored
      Do run on plab vservers.
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      · 03299db0
      Kirk Webb authored
      Be sure to only log if it is the service sliver reporting.
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      · 3ceadbff
      Kirk Webb authored
      Per Jay's request, log plab isalive events originating from the plab service
      slivers in order to track elab<->node connectivity.
      A timeval struct is appended to a file (one per node) inside
      /usr/testbed/log/plabisalive.  The reporting rate has been cranked up to
      once per minute.  Therefore, if all 650 plab nodes where reporting in, that
      amounts to about 10 reports/sec, or 14KB/min leading to a disk consumption
      rate of 21MB/day (617MB/mo or 7.5GB/year).  Not sure how long we are going
      to be running this.
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      Add a script to auto-generate ip-mapping.txt files. Should be run on · 52b13806
      Robert Ricci authored
      an Emulab (probably not Planetlab) node.
      Works due to three conventions:
      1) The Emulab controlled LAN is called elabc
      2) The Planetlab LAN is called planetc
      3) Elab/Plab peers have names like {elab,planet}foo
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      New and improved common-env.sh that now finds things like interface · c2e39e38
      Robert Ricci authored
      names and IP addresses for you.
      Updated run-monitor-libnetmon.sh to use better information from
      New run-stub.sh to automatically get the interface name for you
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      Revised to reflect what will be reality shortly, · 3d2c9c1b
      Mike Hibler authored
      especially w.r.t. ARP handling.