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      First pass at operational mode support for node states. · 4db415f5
      Robert Ricci authored
      Operational mode (op_mode in the database) affects the state diagram
      and timeouts for a node. Modes planned so far are:
      NORMAL    - Normal operation
      DELAYING  - Acting as a delay node
      UNKNOWNOS - Running an OS that does not report its state (OSKit kernels, etc.)
      RELOADING - Disk reloading
      stated now responds to to TBNODEOPMODE events, and sets database state
      accordingly. The set of state timeouts and valid state transitions are
      affected by a node's operational mode.
      The nodes table now stores information about operational modes, and
      the state_transitions and state_timeouts tables include the operational
      mode in addition to states.
      Next step will be to get the appropriate programs to send TBNODEOPMODE
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      Ah, the things I do. Added web page and backend script to scroll the · 07323144
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      experiment log file to the user as it gets generated. The web page
      does not redraw, it just never exits until the backend sees that the
      experiement transition is done, and then it exists, which terminates
      the script. I added a DB field to hold the logfile name and some
      routines in libdb, with the idea that this might be more generally
      useful at some point. Next time you create an experiment, look for the
      last sentence, and click on "realtime".
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      Added two tables. · 1d4dd4ef
      Robert Ricci authored
      state_timeouts is for recording the maximum amount of time (in
      seconds) that a node should be in a given state. (0 means no timeout)
      The contents of the action column are not yet well-defined - in the
      future, it may contain commands for dealing with stuck nodes, or
      perhaps a keyword to indicate to the watchdog daemon what action
      should be taken.
      state_transitions contains a list of valid state transitions.
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      Update to latest DB schema. · 42dc850c
      Robert Ricci authored
      Note: I edited out the tables created by the event system. We should
      probably have a script that does this for us.
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