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      Updates for new FreeBSD 10.1 based servers. · 480fdc70
      Mike Hibler authored
      Big changes a comin' to try to get us back on the supported path.
       * perl 5.14 -> 5.20
       * mysql 5.1 -> 5.5
       * php 5.4   -> 5.6
       * tcl 8.4   -> 8.6
       * number of vim patches up to 683.
      Not everything tested yet, but getting there.
      Specific changes:
       * New install/ports directory. New packages for FreeBSD 10.1 are version
         6.1. Cleaned up the ports' Makefiles getting rid of conditionals for
         all older versions. Also got rid of ports we don't use. Old ports tree
         is now install/oports.
       * Install script changes. Make sure /usr/bin/perl and /usr/local/bin/python
         links exist. Ports no longer make these but we use them in '#!'. Changes
         to mysql install and startup script--mysql has changed a LOT since we did
         the support in 4.x. Create syslog entry for named.log. Make sure php.conf
         loads the legacy "mysql" module rather than using "mysqli".
       * Elabinelab support. reflect new packages, remove all old packages
         (except perl) before installing new versions, install "extras" package,
         make sure sendmail cert get regenerated, make sure /usr/bin/perl link
         exists, make sure /usr/local/bin/python link exists.
       * Custom ports. otcl and xerces-c2 have both been removed from the ports
         tree as of Q2 2015. ipmitool-devel is a port for the latest version of
         ipmitool. The FreeBSD port is still a rev behind here. We need the
         newer version as it appears to make our SOL consoles more stable.
       * Random. Fixed prerender as neato output has changed again. Tweak to
         sslxmlrpc_server to reflect change in an underlying library. Tweak to
         db/libdb.py.in to turn on autocommit which matters now as mysql 5.5 will
         hang on a metadata lock otherwise. Remade eventsys perl/python stubs
         with SWIG 2.0. SWIG 1.3 did not produce working stubs for perl 5.20.
      Specific un-changes:
       * Apache is still at 2.2. I lack the guts and skilz to upgrade to 2.4.
       * Xerces library is still at (now unsupported) 2.8. Assign will need
         changes before we can move to 3.x.
       * Python is still 2.7.
      Thanks to Keith Sklower for all the work he did converting ports!
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      Directory based image paths. · 3a21f39e
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Soon, we will have images with both full images and deltas, for the same
      image version. To make this possible, the image path will now be a
      directory instead of a file, and all of the versions (ndz,sig,sha1,delta)
      files will reside in the directory.
      A new config variable IMAGEDIRECTORIES turns this on, there is also a check
      for the ImageDiretories feature. This is applied only when a brand new
      image is created; a clone version of the image inherits the path it started
      with. Yes, you can have a mix of directory based and file based image
      When it is time to convert all images over, there is a script called
      imagetodir that will go through all image descriptors, create the
      directory, move/rename all the files, and update the descriptors.
      Ultimately, we will not support file based image paths.
      I also added versioning to the image metadata descriptors so that going
      forward, old clients can handle a descriptor from a new server.
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      Bug Fix: make port lookup distinguish logical/physical wires. · 8e1064ae
      David Johnson authored
      The stuff in db/Port.pm (Port::LookupByIface) wasn't handling the MLE
      case where there are two wires table entries for physical wires with a
      logical wire implemented by them; for my experiment, when snmpit was
      trying to create the physical vlans on the apcon, it would grab the
      logical wire instead of the physical one as it populated the Port
      objects, and that screwed vlan creation up (the member port for the
      physical layer 1 vlan gets labeled with a switch WIRE_END instead of
      node -- which is correct for the logical wire, but not the physical).
      So, I changed the query to check that wires.logical ==
      interfaces.logical ; see the code.  This is a limited fix, maybe --
      maybe that method should really do more verification to make sure it's
      grabbed the correct wires table entry -- but since we only have 2 layers
      it's plenty good for now.
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      Checkpoint various changes. · 0d09773b
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * Various UI tweaks for profile versioning.
      * Roll out profile versioning for all users.
      * Disable/Hide publishing for now.
      * Move profile/version URLs into a modal that is invoked by a new Share
        button, that explains things a little better.
      * Unify profile permissions between APT/Cloudlab. Users now see just two
        choices; project or anyone, where anyone includes guest users in the APT
        interface, for now.
      * Get rid of "List on the front page" checkbox, all public profiles will be
        listed, but red-dot can still set that bit.
      * Return the publicURL dynamically in the status blob, and set/show the
        sliver info button as soon as we get it.
      * Console password support; if the aggregate returns the console password,
        add an item to the context menu to show it.
      * Other stuff.
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