1. 17 Aug, 2006 3 commits
  2. 16 Aug, 2006 2 commits
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      - Added tbreport database schema (added three tables), storage for · 9c5d3308
      Kevin Atkinson authored
        tbreport errors & context.
      - Modified fatal() in swapexp, batchexp, and tbprerun, and die_noretry()
        in os_setup to pass hash parameter to tblog functions.
      - Added tbreport errror & context information for select errors in
        swapexp, tbswap, assign_wrapper2, snmpit_lib, snmpit, batchexp,
        assign_wrapper, os_setup, parse-ns, & tbprerun.
      - Added assign error parser in assign_wrapper2.
      - Added parse.tcl error parser in parse-ns.
      - Added severity constants for tbreport in libtblog_simple.
      - Added tbreport() function & context table mappging for reporting
        discrete error types to libtblog.
  3. 15 Aug, 2006 7 commits
  4. 14 Aug, 2006 7 commits
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      Mike reported a problem with duplicating experiments. I've seen it too. · 02042929
      Russ Fish authored
      It only happens with old experiments with no archive yet.
      There's a missing code path getting the ns file in CopyInArchive().
      Get the old experiment nsfile from the db in that case.
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      Add new report context tables. · 63c0bdc7
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      · 07dda0d8
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Prep for Mike Kasick report code.  Updated database schema and
      installed hooks for his code.
      Cleaned up how errors were handled in tblog(...).
      Allow SENDMAIL to be called before the path is untained in '-T' scripts.
      Other small changes.
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      commit.log · 09d78ac6
      Kevin Atkinson authored
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      Checkpoint my dynamic event stuff, crude as it is. The idea for this first · 9d021a07
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      draft is that the user will at the end of an experiment run, log into one
      of his nodes and perform some analysis which is intended to be repeated at
      the end of the next run, and in future instantiations of the template.
      A new table called experiment_template_events holds the dynamic events for
      the template. Right now I am supporting just program events, but it will be
      easy to support arbitrary events later. As an absurd example:
      	node6> /usr/local/bin/template_analyze ~/data_analyze arg arg ...
      The user is currently responsible for making sure the output goes into a
      file in the archive. I plan to make the template_analyze wrapper handle
      that automatically later, but for now what you really want is to invoke a
      script that encapsulates that, redirecting output to $ARCHIVE (this
      variable is installed in the environment template_analyze.
      The wrapper script will save the current time, and then run the program.
      If the program terminates with a zero exit status, it will ssh over to ops
      and invoke an xmlrpc routine to tell boss to add a program event to both
      the eventlist for the current instance, and to the template_eventlist for
      future instances. The time of the event is the relative start time that was
      saved above (remember, each experiment run replays the event stream from
      time zero).
      For the future, we want to allow this to be done on ops as well, but
      that will take more infrastructure, to run "program agents" on ops.
      It would be nice to install the ssl xmlrpc client side on our images so
      that we do not have to ssh to ops to invoke the client.
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      Change for templates. A new experiment run will cause the program · 0607b3b4
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      agent to exit. rc.progagent now loops, restarting the program agent,
      but first getting new copies of the agent list and the environment
      from tmcd.
      Note that this conflicts slightly with the pa-wrapper used on plab
      nodes, which also loops. I think we can just get rid of pa-wrapper
      now, along with a slight change to rc.progagent. I'm gonna let Kirk
      comment on this.
      Need new images ...
  5. 11 Aug, 2006 21 commits